Because there is no sky if there is no skin.

About the Company

We are a company intended to act in the area of Selective Cosmetics, through the creation, development and production of products and brands, based on emblematic raw materials of the Douro Region, one of the oldest and largest historical wine-growing areas in the world, in the North of our country, Portugal.

The Douro Valley is a monumental landscape that combines Man's work and nature in pure state. It stands out by its geographical, climatic and mesological features, so private and unique, that irreproducibly come together for the cultivation of olives, almonds, cherries, figs, grapes and... wines.

Our products are manufactured under the highest pharmaceutical quality standards, compiling with all the requirements of the EU Cosmetic Regulation.
We propose to you Fusion Cosmetics, a new generation of skincare, bringing the purity of the biological side with the performance and effectiveness of the classical approach, into an ecosustainable luxury philosophy, where science and technology meet the respect for skin and nature.

Having the Douro as our supreme inspiration and consumers as our reason being, we hope you will enjoy and love our products! Starting with DVINE, powered by our quirky and exclusive Douro Nuclear Aroma, the PORTWINE DNA™.


We want to be an organization welcomed in the international market through the trade of innovative high-standard, biological based and certified cosmetics.

Our products are developed based on scientific research, produced in Portugal, from the recovery of products of the vines of the Douro Wine Region and Port Wine.

Being the Port Wine an unquestionable Portuguese heritage, with international recognition, and the Douro Valley Region, one of the oldest and most prestigious of the World, where, thanks to the characteristics of the soil and weather, are produced grapes and wines with singular features, we believe that the Cosmetic World must capitalize this unique treasure.



1. Knowledge, Innovation and Competitive Edge
Through a strong link between research, scientific knowledge and the responsible management and marketing, we want to ensure the development of products that for their quality, innovation and efficiency, generate added value to the exciting cosmetic market and contribute to consumer satisfaction, meeting their needs, satisfying desires and exceeding expectations.

2. Sustainable Values
We want to ensure that the production process of our cosmetics respects the fundamental rules on environmental sustainability and ecology, providing the company with good practices in the domain of ethics and social responsibility.

3. Entrepreneurship and Management
Our products and services are provided with high quality and credibility, ensuring the consumers and partners loyalty and providing the organization's solid growth.

4. Internal Social Cohesion and Professional Achievement
We intend to provide to our employees an environment of cooperation, teamwork and respect for their rights, allowing the successful professional performance to revert to the final consumers and the reputation of the company in the global market.



Respect for Science

About the Douro

Douro. A monumental landscape, the combined work of nature and man. In Douro we can contemplate extensive terraced slopes leading down to the riverbed, forming sceneries of singular grandiosity.

Here, local communities have adapted to the specific conditions of the territory, in many aspects hostile to life, turning them into survival factors. Over millenniums, were developed ways of populating, relationship systems and economic activities that exceeded the natural constraints and integrated them into a cultural microcosm, centred on vineyards’ cultivation, on wine production and its transportation to distant market systems.

The vineyard shell that extends over about 100 kilometres from the course of the Douro River, in Portugal’s Northern Interior, offers exceptional conditions for vine growing, despite the hard work and low productivity, only compensated for the excellence and typicality of its wines.

On the steep slopes of the Douro and its tributaries, with stony soils of schist and sheltered from the Atlantic’s humid winds and the chilly winds of Meseta, was formed an evolving and living cultural landscape, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Such recognition consecrated precisely the importance of the Douro region in the worldwide wine panorama as a producer of one of the most prestigious wines internationally, the Port Wine.


The demarcated Douro Region is one of the oldest and most extensive historical wine regions in the world, covering about 250 hectares.

Among the regions of viticulture mountain, is one of the largest areas, with greater historical significance, more continuity and greater variety of biological castes perfected here.

The Alto Douro is a remarkable example of landscape that illustrates different stages of human history. To cultivate the vineyard on the slopes of the Douro and its tributaries, the man had to produce soil and build terraces, supported traditionally by schist walls and, more recently, by sorting vertically the vineyard in terraces, susceptible to mechanization. The landscape of the Douro vineyard today is a complex and dynamic architecture, witnessing the continued work of the mountains’ transformation in "hanging gardens", in the words of Jaime Cortesão.

The Douro, wrote Miguel Torga, is the prodigy of a landscape that ceases to be, forced by its immensity. Not a panorama which the eyes behold. It is an excess of nature. A geological poem. The absolute beauty.

The Team

Research & Development

Aiming a constant development of new techniques and a continual update of the knowledge on the hugely complex cosmetic field, Douro Skincare has, since its very beginning, a department of research and development in close collaboration with the University of Porto, namely with the Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Department.

This department is dedicated to study the properties of the raw materials native from the Douro Region, in the North of Portugal, and to research new, innovative and environmentally-friendly bioactive ingredients to enrich our formulas, using the latest technology available.

Our main goal, according to the company’s concept and mission, is to explore and take advantage of the natural resources of the Douro region, known for its vineyards, grapes and wines varieties, sources proven to be rich in phenolic antioxidant compounds, with anti-aging properties.

The scientific activity of Douro Skincare will focus on researching the antioxidant potential of bioactive flavonoids, naturally present in varieties of grapes native of the Douro, which have not been yet applied in cosmetics but whose biochemical profile allows us to foresee applications with potential beneficial biological to fight against skin aging.


A crucial element of the cosmetological activity of the DVINE products is its unique fragrance, PORTWINE DNA™ (Douro Nuclear Aroma), created from the 1st Port Wine produced entirely organic, made with grapes from vines grown totally organic in the Douro Region, in North of Portugal.
Port Wine is a sweet and fortified liqueur wine, produced exclusively from native grape varieties of the Douro Region, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
The DVINE fragrance, of an incredible intensity of pure grapes, plump, cherry, wood, chocolate and berries, transforms the act of using DVINE in a bohemian chic beauty ritual, ideal for women who appreciate the nature and a heavenly skin, but also the exclusivity and sophistication.

Dvine logo


Somewhere in the world, there is a place where nature teaches what life is. A place where every day History is made, where beauty mixes with pleasure, in a feast of senses that only a few chosen can attend.

There, the eyes are not meant to see. The eyes are meant to appreciate.
The hillsides and the river in a dialogue to lose sight, the green in euphoria behind the slopes.

There, the ears are not meant to hear. The ears are meant to feel.
The silence of contemplation, the dream language’s purity without a match.

There, the mouth is not meant to taste. The mouth is meant to savour.
The aftertaste of a single wine, that so many have tried to mimic but nobody could even compare. One Port for the world, one Port for the immortality.

There, the nose is not meant to smell. The nose is meant to fall in love.
The scent of a unique nectar, the trip filled with emotions never explored before.

There, the skin is not meant to touch. The skin is meant to love.
The treat’s texture, the unforgettable age of each moment.

Somewhere in the world, there is a place that could only be in that place. Douro. It’s from there, because it could only come from there, that DVINE is born. To others, is just a cosmetics’ line of excellence, the only one created from the exclusive essence of Port wine. To the chosen ones, it’s the proof that all senses are worth it.



DVINE, from Douro Skincare, is creating a new generation of cosmetics, bringing together the purity, the high tolerance and the sustainability, from the biological side and the performance, effectiveness and the luxury of the classical philosophy, becoming luxury ecosustainable products, as a result.

DVINE born of the supreme inspiration of a unique natural beauty in pure state, where vines grown through awesome terraced slopes in the Douro Valley.

In this region, World Heritage by UNESCO, the weather, the soil and Man’s handwork result in a winning combination, producing grapes and wines exceptionally rich in Polyphenols, Flavonoids and Tannins, so rich in antioxidants, nutrients and majestic aromas which bring to the skin and soul the perfection of youthful beauty.

These origins print in our essence the respect for Skin and Nature.

The manufacturing process of the main actives of the DVINE products is the most natural possible, without synthetic ingredients.

• We have Ecocert packaging and Ecocert product fragrance.
• We have mainly biological plant extracts.
• No animal testing ingredients.
• We use only: Biological Certified Grape Oil, Biological Certified Grape Extract and Grape Resveratrol in high concentration.

Innovative and amazing coloring system
outstanding textures
very rich formulas

DVINE has really active, safe and tested formulas, which represent a great privilege in all senses:
texture, touch sensation, colours, polishes and fragrance...

High studied active ingredients in really effective and safe concentrations, such as:



The first and only Airless System in the world with a glass bottle.
Beauty of Glass with an Airless Dispensing System.
eco cert

The TAG System is a revolutionary Standard Cosmetic Packaging product designed, patented and manufactured in Italy.
The System combines the preciousness and the luxury of a glass bottle with technique and functional advantages of a Totally Airless System – with No-Air-Intake to protect the DVINE formulas.


Our packaging is recyclable and made of paper from sustainable forests.

Gold Harvest
Light Harvest


Behold the light that invaded the lands, trusting them with light, strength and energy,
which this harvest will return in beauty and perfection.

light harvest light harvest product line


From the harmonious alliance between wine's longevity and gold's solidity
is created the beauty harvest of a skin radiant with firmness, luxury and glamour...

gold harvest gold harvest product line

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