5 POINTS!! please help!! show work too! thank you !​

Accepted Solution

Answer:(-7,-17) is the right solution.They distributed wrong. Instead of -2(3x+4) equaling -6x+8, it should have been -6x-8.Step-by-step explanation:Let's solve it along with them.We have the system:y=3x+43x-2y=13They solved it by substitution. Β They replaced the 2nd y with what the first y equaled which was (3x+4):3x-2(3x+4)=13 Β  To solve this you would first need to distribute the -2 to the terms inside the ( ):3x-6x-8=13 (This is the line that is different from theirs; this is where they went incorrect.)-3x-8=13Add 8 on both sides:-3x=21Divide both sides by -3:x=21/-3Simplify:x=-7If y=3x+4 and x=-7, then y=3(-7)+4=-21+4=-17.So the solution is (-7,-17).Let's check it:y=3x+4 for (x,y)=(-7,-17)?-17=3(-7)+4-17=-21+4-17=-17Since this equation is true then (-7,-17) is on y=3x+4.3x-2y=13 for (x,y)=(-7,-17)?3(-7)-2(-17)=13-21+34=1313=13Since this equation is true then (-7,-17) is on 3x-2y=13.Therefore it is a common point between the lines and is the solution (or intersection).