A 3-foot wife wood deck will be built around rectangular shaped pool that measures 15feet by 30feet. The resulting shape is also rectangular.If the lumber costs $10per square yard, what is the cost of the wood for the deck

Accepted Solution

Answer: $340Step-by-step explanation:The pool is 5 yards wide by 10 yards long, so adding the deck will make the total area 7 yards wide by 12 yards long, or ... (7 yd)·(12 yd) = 84 yd^2The pool itself is ... (5 yd)·(10 yd) = 50 yd^2so the area of the deck is ... 84 yd^2 -50 yd^2 = 34 yd^2Wood for each of those square yards costs $10, so the total cost is ... ($10/yd^2)·(34 yd^2) = $340