Jonathan has 30 chocolates. He gives some chocolates to his friend David. He then gives Sarah half the number of chocolates that he gave David and gives Lily two-thirds of what he gave David. After giving away the chocolates, Jonathan has 4 chocolates left. If the number of chocolates Jonathan gives David is x, which equation represents the situation? How many solutions does this equation have?A. x + 1/2x + 2/3x = 30 - 4, which has no solution.B. x + 1/2x + 2/3x = 30, which has infinitely many solutions.C. x + 1/3x + 2/3x - 4 = 30, which has one solution.D. x + 1/2x + 2/3x + 4 = 30, which has one solution.E. 1/2x + 2/3x = x - 4, which has no solution.

Accepted Solution

Answer:A; no solutionStep-by-step explanation:u just can solve it