pls help me, cause I don't understand one bit of it at all​

Accepted Solution

Answer:I promise you this is easier than it looks, just bare with me.You have to order these numbers from the smallest to the biggest. Now before we do this, we wanna make the fractions and mixed numbers decimals to make this easier. 5 8/11Convert the fraction to a decimal: Divide the numerator by the denominator.  (8 divide by 11).Add this decimal number to the whole number part of the mixed number. (0.72 plus 5) It would be 5.72Now 57/10The same steps as the last one, but since it isn't a mixed number you don't add anything. (57 divided by 10)It would be 5.7Now we have to order them from least to greatest. How do we figure that out? Well lets list the numbers that we have now:5.725.75.675.726Now since they all have the same whole number, we just have to look at the numbers after the decimal.  Well the least number we have here is "7". Then it would be 67, then 72, then 726. So the answer would be from least to greatest:5.75.675.725.726I hope this helps..sorry if I took so long I wanted to make sure I explained this as good as I can so you don't keep struggling. Good luck, take care <3Have a good night/day (:! Much love!